Full Length Plays

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2Y20M In 1991 a crew of eight was sealed into Biosphere 2 to conduct the largest closed-system experiment ever devised or attempted. Two years and twenty minutes later they emerged. This is one story of their before, during, and after.

The Bigsley Project Business. Busy-ness. Bullshit.

The Mongoose and the Cobra Maggie and Ram reunite. It won't work. And it won't end. 

The Red Flags You know you shouldn't.

In Search of Lost Time Lost time stays lost, people.

The Overheard Music It's never quiet in New York City. There is no true dark.

Profit There's no such thing as a fair fight between a man and a woman.

Ten Minute Plays

WORK Harder! (finalist, Heideman Award)

Redux The devil you know knows you pretty well, too.

Mercurial Marriage isn't forever; divorce isn't either.

Audio Drama

Rain A love letter. On real paper.

Marlboro Angel A billboard, the Holland Tunnel, and all those people down there. (winner, MidWest Radio Theatre Workshop script contest)